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Rulmeca Motorized Pulley Installed at Underground Coal Mine in Appalachia


Rulmeca Corporation, May 25, 2010, announced that Cumberland Mine Service installed a 100 HP model 800H Motorized Pulley to handle ROM

Rulmeca Motorized Pulley at underground coal mineROM Conveyor Discharge Point:
Following the successful installation of a 20 HP Motorized Pulley at an underground coal mine in 2009, Cumberland MIne Service installed a model 800H at 100 HP in April 2010. With a 30.15" diameter and 45.25 " face width the Motorized Pulley moves ROM coal at 480 fpm at the Appalachian facility.
ROM coal conveyor with 100 HP Rulmeca Motorized PulleySimplified Pulley Alignment:
Setting and aligning Motorized Pulley is simple because drivetrain is "pre-aligned" inside the pulley shell. CMS (1.) hoisted the pulley into position, (2.) set the pulley shaft horizontal and perpendicular to the belt centerline, (3.) tightened four bolts, and (4.) connected the power and control wiring.
    Commissioning 100 HP ROM belt drive
Guarding & Commissioning 100 HP Drive:
Since all mechanical components are inside the pulley shell, personnel guarding is simplified. "Pinch points" such as sprockets, chains, and couplings are eliminated. During commissioning the mine operator commented to the CMS crew that he was surprised by the Motorized Pulley's low noise level.

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